It’s safe to say Ariana Grande created the new female anthem with her latest hit, “thank you, next”….

Singing her story of surviving breakups by “thanking” her ex’s for the lessons they taught her and focusing on loving herself, I found that as a Relationship Expert, there were too many gems in this song to not expand on and share with you.


Ladies, it’s time to develop a “thank you, next” posture…the ability to learn the lesson, love yourself and move on without the issues from the last guy affecting your relationship with the new guy, but more importantly, the relationship with YOURSELF.

Join me for my FREE webinar as I give you 3 simple steps to getting over your EX and getting ready for your NEXT!

1. Learning the lesson and developing a spirit of gratitude from previous relationships

2. Loving and focusing on yourself through any type of breakup  

3. Moving on and not allowing past relationships to affect your future one

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