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Join Dominique Clark, best selling author of She’s Valuable (But Does She Know It?), Media Personality and Relationship Expert to experience authentic transformation and position yourself to win in LOVE and LIFE.


are you up for the 7 day challenge?

  • The time is now to know that you’re enough and worthy of the life and relationships you desire

  • Comparison, self doubt and lack of knowledge of how uniquely incredible you are must take a backseat

  • You’re Valuable! Right now pledge to give yourself permission to fearlessly own that


What to expect:

  1. Daily affirmative truths, self-reflective exercises and personal goal setting delivered every morning to your inbox

  2. Nightly CHECK IN’s via Facebook LIVE at 9pm EST to chat and reflect about the days challenge, ask questions and support and connect with other fearless women. CLICK HERE to like my Facebook page to get notified when I go LIVE!

  3. Your own copy of the She’s Valuable Pledge to sign and frame the commitment you’ve made to yourself to walk in the beauty of who you are