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Intimate, Raw & Real! 



Intimate, Raw & Real! 

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Join #YourFavoriteMatchmaker and Relationship Mentor, DClark, for MASTERCLASS, a LIVE online series of lessons in love, relationships and empowerment. This intimate and interactive series is full of raw and real conversation with practical teachings. Don't miss it! 


“I struggled with social anxiety and a lack of confidence in my ability to communicate effectively with others, which was hindering my ability to maintain relationships, and ultimately preventing me from having an active dating life. Through working with Dominique, I was able to identify the areas in which I needed to improve upon and gain valuable self-awareness to begin the process of making necessary changes in my communication habits and attitude in approaching social situations. Through learning more about my strengths, weaknesses, and values, I was able to gain the required confidence to place myself in social environments without fear.  Thank you so much for taking me through this process and helping me to develop a “why not” attitude. I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to find their potential mate, or in my case, find self. Thanks so much!”

— Misha, 35

Love & Logic

Love & Logic


Lesson One

Take a trip down memory lane and think about the last time you were at a crossroads with a major love decision. You probably asked yourself:

  1. Should I end it? We're not progressing, and I lately I can't tell whether we're comfortable or compatible. 
  2. Are we even exclusive? We're moving so fast... 
  3. What went wrong? I do so much for him, but his interest in me seems to be fading.. 
  4. Was I intimate with him too soon? How do I slow things down? 
  5. Am I crazy for wanting to break it off with the amazing man who bores me?  

Regardless of the magnitude of the decision or the uncontrollable feelings of overwhelm, confusion, excitement and anxiousness, one thing is certain: In oder to determine a conclusion, you must have used your brain, heart or a combination of both


But, how do you really manage that internal tug-of-war between your mind and gut instincts and still position yourself for dating success? 



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#LoveAndLogic is a balanced approach to dating that leads to long term relationships. 


Through this 60-minute LIVE and interactive online Masterclass, DClark will provide practical lessons for single women on how to:


Use your head and heart in making logical decisions on WHO you choose and WHY you choose them


Not allow past hurt dictate your future relationships


Make your heart available for love without fear of rejection and compromising your self-worth


Understand the difference between relationship "preferences" and "requirements"


Stop running "red lights" and turning "nos" into "maybes" 


Moving the relationship forward


The goal of #LoveAndLogic is to help all single women become their own matchmaker by dating on purpose, sending the right messages to potential partners and making logical mate selections.  

comes with:


  1. Live Q&A
  2. A workbook to recap all lessons discussed in the masterclass
  3. Lifetime access to the replay of #LoveAndLogic