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Through this 60-minute LIVE and interactive online Masterclass, Dominique will provide practical lessons for single women on how to:

  • Restore your hope in love
  • Not allow fear of being alone skew your priorities
  • Replace names like "not enough" or "unworthy" that you know too well
  • Attract men who are emotionally available and unattached to other women
  • Recognize a "Settle Situation"  and move on before it actually manifests
  • Get rid of the "TOO" mindset: you're "too smart", "too strong", "too beautiful", " too independent"
  • Stop dating men you know don't make you happy and can't meet your need - you can't change him
  • Choose YOU and free yourself from a toxic or unsatisfying relationship




  • Live Q&A
  • A workbook to recap all lessons discussed in the masterclass
  • Lifetime access to the replay of #DontSettle