One On One Coaching 

Because we're in a time where EVERYBODY is skeptic, dating isn't dating anymore, you can't really be honest about what you want without the fear of being ghosted, settling has somehow become the only option and the idea of real intimacy is terrifying - dating is just a mess.  

Sound familiar? Well you're in in the right place, sis! I know you're over all the B.S., so it's time to start aligning what you WANT with what you DO!


So, let me show you how easy it can be in only 6 weeks...I'm excited to serve you!

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Reset + Why Me? 

It starts with getting your mind right! Adjusting your mindset, attitude and perspective for successful dating, and recognizing your personal and relationship value + how to communicate it to the opposite sex.

Skills + Style

Developing dating skills (such as flirting) and strategies for having grate dates and meeting grate people everywhere + a virtual closet editing session to help shape your dating wardrobe with pieces you already have or new pieces from your favorite brand. 

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Getting Social + Dating

Getting your own personal social event calendar to meet new people and enhance your social life + readiness coaching for your next first date.



Why do I need you as my coach? ACCOUNTABILITY! It can be tough navigating dating today alone and being consistent. I work with you in the most effective way to help keep you motivated and empowered as you reach your goals. I help you achieve real results, see real change, shift your perspective and decrease the frustration of dating. If you're comfortable doing the same dating routine you have been, then I'm not the coach for you.

What does this program include? This program includes unlimited email access to your coach throughout the duration of the program and entry into our Matchmaking Database (which means you may be considered as a possible match for one of our eligible Matchmaking Clients).

Where are the sessions held? I coach people all over the world, so we work together virtually via a video conferencing platform called Zoom. 

What do I expect from you? I expect you to be fully present. You are investing in change, and if you want to really experience change, I expect you to trust the process and be open minded. This program is what you make it. 

What can you expect from me? My complete attention and devotion to your goals. I want to see you win, sis! So I'm pouring in all my knowledge and experience to support you every step of the way! I'm here for you! 


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