DClark & Co Coaching


At DClark & Co we believe that love is a head and heart thing…you need to use both in order to make a logical decision on WHO you choose and WHY you choose them! With the many challenges that can be present in dating today it can be difficult to navigate through it alone.

Our experienced matchmakers and coaches guide you in identifying your own “Love Blockers,” silently working against your goal to find true love. We will create a personalized plan to help you date on purpose, send the right messages to potential matches, and make logical mate selections as you successfully become your own matchmaker.



Let's stay together! Learning how to sustain love is the ultimate relationship success! At DClark & Co we want those who we've already found love to keep it! We value happy and healthy relationships, so we've created fun and interactive packages and great services for our coupled and married clients like 30 Day Date Night Calendars and sessions on maintaining your happy!